Cast Partial

The cast partials from Blackburn Dental Labs provide an ideal level of durability and esthetics. We fabricate these partials out of the finest premium alloys to ensure a biocompatible and high-quality prosthesis. We frequently utilize a Vitallium® 2000 framework in our cast partials, which provides optimal fit, easy adjustability, and resistance to fracture and corrosion. We carefully fabricate and design our case partials to fit your patient’s specific needs.


  • Your Choice of High-Quality Teeth
  • Vitallium® 2000 Framework
  • Exceptional Stability and Esthetics

Standard Deluxe

  • Portrait® IPN® Teeth
  • Vitallium® 2000 or Acrylic Framework
  • Lucitone 199®


  • Dentsply Classic® Teeth
  • Vitallium® 2000 Framework
  • Pre-Fit and Finished with In-House Brand Acrylic