Additional Services

Additional Services

Blackburn Dental Lab offers a variety of value-added services that can greatly increase your patient satisfaction. We invite you to peruse all of the service we offer and schedule an appointment today.

Provisional/Temporary Milled PMMA

Our milled PMMA provisionals are CAD/CAM fabricated as a temporary solution until completion of permanent restorations. Some of PMMA’s advantages include easy placement, durability, biocompatibility, and a wide range of colors for lifelike esthetics. Due to PMMA’s natural translucency, the provisionals will provide a lifelike solution while your patient waits for their finished restoration.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Blackburn’s diagnostic wax-up models give the patient a preview of what their smile will look like once the restoration process is complete. They also serve as a guide for our lab during the fabrication of the final prosthesis, ensuring extreme precision and a final restoration that accurately achieves your specifications.


When the time comes for your patient’s prosthesis to get reline or rebased, Blackburn Dental Lab has your back. We will quickly reline/rebase the denture to provide improved comfort and function. We are happy to provide same-day reline and repair for all clinicians in our local NOLA or Pearl areas.

Emergency/Same-Day Repairs

When emergencies arise, Blackburn will have you and your patient covered. Our emergency and same-day repairs allow us to quickly resolve any issues that may arise with a specific restoration. Same-day services are available for clinicians who fall within our local NOLA and Pearl areas.

Custom Shading

We offer in-lab custom shading to help achieve optimal esthetics for every patient. Ensure your patient receives a restoration that perfectly matches their existing dentition with Blackburn’s custom shade matching. We understand that your patient will view our lab as an extension of your practice, which is why we make every visitor feel comfortable and welcome. Our friendly staff will efficiently shade match in a clean and professional environment.