Implant Abutment Systems
Implant Abutment Systems
Designed and milled using the latest in CAD/CAM technology, these prosthetics ensure gingival health and have the best and most natural emergence profiles. We work with all major manufacturers, including AstraTech Atlantis™, Biohorizons®, Biomet 3i™, Nobel Biocare®, Straumann® and Zimmer®. We offer custom abutments in titanium, zirconia and our zirconia hybrid.
Nobel Biocare™ ASC Abutment
Nobel Biocare Abutment
Allows for more esthetic and optimal screws access position due to its angulated screw channel. The ASC enables you to have a free choice of screw access position to further improve anterior esthetics, allowing for easier posterior access and greater restorative flexibility and treatment options.
BIOMET 3i™ Encode®
BIOMET 3i Encode
Allows for a more convenient and easier way to restore an implant. Eliminates the need for implant level impressions. Enables you to make customized treatment solutions.
Zimmer Abutment
Considered by many to be the most advanced dental implants in the industry. Very durable and esthetically pleasing. Each implant goes through a detailed and rigorous visual inspection to better ensure greater quality control.
Implant Direct
Implant Direct
Provides an extensive selection of regenerative, prosthetic and surgical solutions. Product line includes a broad selection of 2-piece implant options, as well as a number of 1-piece, application specific implants with All-in-1 packaging.
Our technicians produce an individual surgical guide for each patient that will help direct the implant placement. Our surgical guides provide the specific site(s) and the angulations for the implant placement; ensuring the restoration will fit precisely together with the implant for superior results.