Provisional/Temporary Milled PMMA
Our milled PMMA provisionals are CAD/CAM fabricated as a temporary solution until completion of permanent restorations. Some of PMMA’s advantages include easy placement, durability, biocompatibility, and a wide range of colors for lifelike esthetics.
Diagnostic Wax-Ups
Blackburn’s wax-up models give the patient a preview of what their smile will look like once the restoration process is complete, and also serves as a guide for our lab during the fabrication of the final prosthesis.
Custom Shading
We offer in-lab custom shading to achieve an optimal level esthetics for each patient. Ensure your patient receives a restoration that perfectly matches their existing dentition with Blackburn’s custom shade matching.
Emergency/Same-Day Repairs
When emergencies arise, Blackburn will have you and your patient covered. Our emergency and same-day repairs allow us to quickly resolve any issues that may arise with a specific restoration.