Premium Cast Partial
Our premium cast partial is composed of your choice of offered teeth, and is fabricated on a Vitallium® 2000 framework, providing an exceptional level of stability and esthetics.
Standard Deluxe Cast Partial
Our standard deluxe cast partial combines high esthetics and affordability, featuring Portrait® IPN® teeth, a Vitallium® 2000 framework or acrylic framework, and finish in Lucitone 199®.
Economy Cast Partial
coming soon
Utilizing Dentsply Classic® teeth on a Vitallium® 2000 framework, Blackburn’s economy cast partial is pre-fit and finished with our in-house brand acrylic for excellent esthetics at an affordable price.
Flexible Partial (FRS®, Valplast®, or DuraFlex™)
coming soon
Our flexible partials offer lifelike, durable, metal-free restorations and are available in a range of shades. Featuring Lucitone® FRS®, Duraflex, and Valplast™, we have the right partial denture option for all of your patients’ needs.