Premium Full Denture
The premium denture receives a carve and stipple, rugae, and your choice of Trublend® SLM®, Ivoclar Vivadent, Bioblend, or Vitapan® teeth for the most lifelike esthetics available.
• Trublend® SLM®, Ivoclar Vivadent, Bioblend or Vitapan® teeth
• Reset (if needed)
• Carve and stipple (upon request)
• Rugae
Standard Deluxe Full Denutre
The perfect blend of premium esthetics at an affordable price point, the standard denture offers a carve and stipple, set-up, Portrait® IPN® teeth and is finished in Lucitone 199® for everyday form and function.
• Portrait® IPN® teeth
• Set-up
• Carve and stipple (upon request)
• Finish in Lucitone 199®

Economy Full Denture
Our economy denture receives a standard set-up, Dentsply Classic® teeth, and is finished with our in-house brand acrylic to provide edentulous patients and economical alternative to costly restorations.
• Dentsply Classic® teeth
• Standard set-up
• Finish in house-brand acrylic