Precision Attachments
Blackburn’s precision attachments provide a more esthetic alternative to clasps, and possess numerous biomechanical advantages.
Screw Retained Crowns and Bridges
Screw-retained restoration are a great alternative to cemented base crowns and provide an optimal emergence profile while eliminating the threat of leaving behind excess cement.
Atlantis™ Conus Zirconia Hybrid
Stability, comfort, and easy maintenance come together in the ATLANTIS Conus Zirconia Hybrid, a cost-effective option for fully edentulous patients. Features as few as four custom-designed ATLANTIS Conus abutments.
The ideal restoration for restoring a full upper or lower arch of teeth. This procedure uses the fewest implants possible and provides high-quality restorative results in the shortest time possible.

Implant Overdentures
Using CAD/CAM technology, our implant overdentures are designed and milled for optimal fit and strength. Blackburn’s implant overdentures offer lifelike esthetics and the most precise margins available.